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Protect Vulnerable Road Users!

Pledge to write a letter to District Attorney Larry Krasner, requesting his office advocate for a change to state law to protect Pennsylvania’s most vulnerable road users. When you submit this form, you'll be given talking points to include in your letter and the address to send it to.

The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, Families for Safe Streets Greater Philadelphia, and the rest of the Philly Vision Zero Alliance have been fighting for a bill that would better protect the state’s ‘vulnerable road users’ and punish those who harm them.

Currently, the punishment for injuring or killing a person with your motor vehicle in Pennsylvania is a small fine. But House Bill 1536, which we support, would help expand the state definition of a ‘vulnerable user’, increase the fines for those who injure them, and potentially suspend the driver’s license of those convicted or reckless or careless driving which results in the death or injury of a vulnerable road user.